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South America Assembly 2017

It shouldn’t be a surprise anymore, but energy development is only truly meaningful for local economy and communities when small -and mid-caps are present and striving.  In 2017 a dozen of companies established strong production in the south with big ambitions going forward. A brilliant sign for investors and other E&Ps!

Raphael Guerithault, Vice President, Technology & Solutions, Schlumberger

In order to maintain resilient and competitive operational strategies through a future paved with expand-and-contract cycles, our sector will need to embrace new ways of working, new competencies and learn from other industries. Are we ready for it?

2017 Global Survey Results

Last year, 2,820 executives from 62 countries participated in our annual survey. 50% of oil & gas executives questioned believe that there will be slow steady growth in the oil markets over the next 12 months; this is a more positive result than 2016 where just 14% of respondents believed we would experience growth . You can download the full report here.


The current remaining unconventional gas reserves is approximately equal with the estimated conventional gas resources of around 138 TCF. This is based on ~120 Coal Bed Methane (CBM) wells currently drilled in Indonesia. As more wells are drilled, we expect unconventional gas resources move closer to the estimated gas in place of 453 TCF.

What We Do

The Energy Council is building the sector’s leading platform for ideas, deal- initiation and global connectivity.  The network achieves this by bringing together the who’s who of the industry, through both open and closed events, and through promoting our member and partners within our network to one another.

Our mission is to regularly connect the world’s largest energy companies and senior executives, with investors, disruptive new businesses and entrepreneurs who are unearthing advancements in the way energy is consumed and produced.

To keep our network up with the pace of change, we hit the road.  We do the legwork so you don’t have to, leveraging our relationships to condense what could be hundreds of hours of client travel and accelerator pitches into one or two-day forums.

As an independent body, we offer an exciting alternative marketplace for project owners, governments and industry stakeholders trying to access new pools of capital to ensure a low carbon future.






Select Council Partners:

Martin Houston

“The Energy Council is a great place to meet like-minded people.  If you’ve made a decision to be at one of their events, there is a high chance that the people you want and need to meet will have done so too.  The no-nonsense style is refreshing and all comers are welcomed.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed.”

Executive Vice Chairman, and Chairman
Tellurian Inc, and TPH International

Jun Bai

“Energy Council is a good platform bringing industry professionals together, shedding light on industry trends and opportunities.”

Deputy Director, Institute of International Energy
NDRC (Chinese Government)

Gavin Thompson

“Once again, the Energy Council’s 2017 China Assembly brought together the right people, at the right time to discuss the right topics.”

Senior Vice President and Head, Research (APAC)
Wood Mackenzie

Philip Sui

“It was a pleasure to speak at the China Energy Assembly this year, a timely event to share views among policy makers and industry leaders on the topic of “China’s Energy Transition”. No doubt that China will soon showcase to the world how to continue developing its economy but still be able to reduce the impact on environment.”

CEO, New Energy Business