Asia Pacific Energy Assembly



30 – 31 January 2019
Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore


Delivering the New Energy Agenda – Vision in Action

What is the Asia Pacific Energy Assembly?

The 2019 Asia Pacific Energy Assembly will once again convene the most influential energy investment network in the world in Singapore.

As CAPEX among Asian oil and gas companies is set to rise year on year by up to 37%*the 2019 Assembly will provide attendees from across the spectrum of the region’s oil and gas industry a platform to debate and discuss the issues impacting the sector today and the factors influencing the outlook for the its continued recovery. It will explore the national strategies, companies, technologies and deals shaping the future of oil and gas in the region, whether it’s how we conduct business, how we access the investment community or develop the solutions that will tackle energy demand for the next generation.

Explorers, producers, buyers, traders, investors, financiers and technology providers will all gather to discuss the outlook for the Asian Pacific marketplace; prices, deal flow, strategy, capex, joint ventures, and business development. How are national strategies impacting regional market dynamics? Where are Asian NOCs and SOEs investing in 2019? What capex plans do IOCs and independent producers have in the region? Where are the new business opportunities in gas and LNG, from FLNG and import terminals to transportation and Gas-to-Power? Are Asia’s capital markets open for energy companies to raise finance and what is the appetite from investors? Who are the emerging new independents pioneering the upstream and midstream sectors?

* BMI Research

What to expect in 2019

2019 Agenda at a Glance

Day 1: Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Welcome remarks

Opening Keynote Address

Opening Panel:
Oil, Gas & the Energy Transition in Asia Pacific: Has 2018 Laid the Foundations for a Strong Oil & Gas Revival Amid the Global Energy Transition?

  • A global energy outlook through an Asia Pacific lens
  • Have we achieved oil price stability? What risk factors exist in the short term?
  • Examining APAC upstream activity in 2018
  • APAC energy mix outlook; will renewables impact APAC oil and gas demand?
  • How can oil and gas companies position themselves to capitalise on the Energy Transition?

Networking Coffee Break

Guest Address: Developments in Clean Energy


Upstream E&P

NOC & Government Keynote Panel:
 Growth Strategies in a New Energy Era

  • What upstream investment have we seen and how will NOC activity develop in 2019 and beyond?
  • How are Governments supporting the development of the oil and gas industry vis a vis the renewables sector?
  • How are NOCs adapting their operating models and rationalising their portfolios in a $70-$80 world?
  • Renewables within in the NOCs’ portfolios; what’s the long term vision?
  • What steps are being taken to stimulate exploration and investment in-country
  • What plans are in place to increase access to small- and mid-cap E&P players?
  • Strategies to successfully manage costs as industry activity picks up

Networking Lunch     

Guest Address:
 Embracing the Cyclical Nature of the Oil & Gas Industry – An APAC Case Study

The Return of E&P to the Asia Pacific Region?

  • Has 2018 seen a turning point in the CAPEX cycle? Will investment decisions be made at $70 oil?
  • What is the regional E&P outlook for short-medium term?
  • Challenges of developing E&P assets, unique to SEA
  • Developing mature assets, what lessons learnt globally are transferrable to APAC?
  • How do APAC assets remaining competitive in today’s market environment?
  • With the fat trimmed, what role do OFS play in driving APAC E&P?
  • Discussing the role of technology in the next stage of industry development and its contribution to CAPEX and OPEX management
  • What is the role of independents in the region; explorers uncovering the newest discoveries or aggregators of later-life assets?
  • What must regional governments do to increase E&P activity?
  • Is there a potential E&P hotspot in the region? Where would you go?

Delivering the New Energy Agenda – Vision in Action

Networking Coffee Break

16:15 Are Digital Technologies Set to Disrupt Traditional Oil & Gas Business Models at the Core, As in Other Industries?

  • What is the realistic potential of digital beyond predictive maintenance?
  • Adopting digital technologies for improved efficiency across APAC – what is the level of uptake and how does this compare globally?
  • With the IOCs driving their own digital agenda, how are NOCs and independents viewing the digital future?
  • How are technology suppliers facilitating digitalisation?
  • How are organisations financing the necessary investment; what is the business case for digital vs other investment decisions?
  • Investors view the growth in digitalisation as an investment opportunity

17:15 End of Day One

18:30 Asia Pacific Awards Dinner

Day 2: Thursday, 31 January 2019

Welcome & Keynote Address: China: National Policy Dictating APAC Oil & Gas Strategy


Gas & LNG

Guest Address:
Gas Market Development Across APAC: Global Gas Market Trends & Asian Demand Outlook

APAC Gas & LNG Market Dynamics & Infrastructure Development

  • Gas price outlook, will market based pricing be mainstream in LNG trades?
  • Gas vs coal – what is the realistic future of gas in Asia’s energy mix?
  • What are the inter-regional gas utilisation strategies and how do investors tap into the opportunities these present?
  • Developing gas projects in the current market environment of changing contract terms and off-take agreements
  • Financing LNG projects; what is the appetite from banks?
  • What gas to power projects will reach investment decision in the next 12 months?
  • Are FLNG projects with smaller gas fields and FSRUs in emerging markets realistic and sustainable?
  • What is the impact of IMO 2020 on the region’s LNG market and broader oil and gas markets?

Networking Coffee Break


Finance & Investment

Guest Address:
 Blockchain: A Transformational Technology for the Oil & Gas Industry?

APAC Oil & Gas; an Attractive Investment Opportunity?

  • What deals have we seen from PE in 2018?
  • What is the PE outlook for APAC; what geographies are attractive for PE in the current environment and what will make APAC a more attractive investment destination?
  • Has the appetite for risk changed as oil price has improved?
  • How does oil and gas investment compare to renewables/clean energy technology investment across the region?
  • What hotspots are there and where will they be in 2019/20
  • What non-traditional equity participants and asset owners will play a role in regional oil and gas growth?

Networking Lunch

Financing Future APAC Oil & Gas Projects: Where Will Capital Come From and Where Will it Go?

  • Have banks returned to the oil and gas industry?
  • How have conditions for lending changed; what criteria are now used and what makes a project attractive today?
  • How do banks see the development of the industry in the short to medium term? Are renewables a threat to the availability of financing for the oil and gas industry?
  • What financing mechanisms have we seen deployed with success in 2018?
  • What innovative financing methods must energy companies consider to achieve success in today’s operating environment?
  • Are global and regional public equity markets opening again for oil and gas companies to raise capital?
  • What alternative financing solutions are available to develop regional E&P

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments in 2018 and Beyond

  • Reviewing the M&A market in 2018, what trends have we seen emerging and how will appetite change moving into 2019?
  • Examining the availability and sources of acquisition finance into 2018
  • Are the region’s NOCs and IOCs buyers or sellers in today’s market?
  • How have deals been structured, has this changed?
  • What deals have fallen through and why have they failed?

End of Conference

2019 Pricing Options

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Success Stories

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending the various sessions during the conference and what made the whole event for me was the attention to detail paid by the organiser.”

Chin Hwee Tan

CEO, APAC, Trafigura

“The APAC Assembly is an intimate gathering of O&G executives, so the networking was great. I’ll be back next year.”

Datuk Iain Lo

Chairman, Shell Malaysia

“The Asia Pacific Assembly is a great networking event, with the majority of key players present throughout the two days. The Energy Council does a stellar job, making this the key forum in the energy calendar.”

Craig Pennington

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Oxford Energy Partners LLP

“The best part of the event is that you met the senior and C-level people from all the major E&P and OFS companies in the region.”

Jon Fredrik Muller

Head of Consulting, Asia Pacific, Rystad Energy

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Learn more about the 2018 Assembly

Content from the recent Asia Pacific Energy Assembly in Singapore (24-25 January 2018)

Post Show Report

Attending Companies

Event Takeaways

2018 Featured Speakers

Datuk Anuar Taib

Datuk Anuar Taib

EVP and CEO, Upstream, PETRONAS

Datuk Iain Lo

Datuk Iain Lo

Chairman, Shell Malaysia

Franco Polo

Franco Polo

Executive Vice President, Asia-Pacific, Eni

Gaku Takagi

Gaku Takagi

Senior Vice President, Fuel Business Development, JERA

Hon. Dr. Megan Woods MP

Hon. Dr. Megan Woods MP

Minister of Energy and Resources, Government of New Zealand

Mark Gyetvay

Mark Gyetvay

Deputy Chairman & CFO, Novatek

Mazin Al Lamki

Mazin Al Lamki

COO, Mubadala Petroleum

Melody Meyer

Melody Meyer

Non-Executive Director, BP and National Oilwell Varco

2018 Award Winners

Success Stories

“The Asia-Pacific Energy Assembly is always a great way to start-off the new year.  It continues to be well attended by senior oil & gas executives from across the region. In recent years the addition of sessions on LNG is particularly beneficial given Asia’s pivotal role in driving global demand for cleaner energy.”

Andrew Seck

Vice President, LNG Marketing & Shipping, Anadarko

“The Asia Pacific Assembly continues to be great source of regional insights and an outstanding networking opportunity with “leaders with energy”. As the fastest growing region in terms of energy demand, I value the engagement and consistency of participants every year.  I congratulate APAC for their visible support of “women with energy” by co-sponsoring the Women in Energy Asia event the same week.”

Melody Meyer

Non-Executive Director, BP and National Oilwell Varco

“It was a great event, well organized. Big opportunity to meet the industry’s professionals and leaders to exchange ideas and more importantly learn from all industry’s sectors, producers, buyers, innovators, financing institutions as well as law firms. Congratulations Energy Council, for another successful event.”

Westana Wiraatmadja

President Director, PT Energi Nusantara Merah Putih

“The 2018 Asia-Pacific Energy Assembly provided a useful platform for engaging in meaningful discussions about the latest trends impacting gas markets in the region. AG&P was able to showcase its approach to demand aggregation and how it is unlocking gas-to-power market opportunities, using our signature Karaikal import terminal project in Southeast India as a case study.”

Karthik Sathyamoorthy

President, AG&P LNG Marketing

Melody Meyer

Non-Executive Director, BP and National Oilwell Varco

Andrew Smith

Shell Trading & Supply

Yasuo Ryoki

Chairman, Osaka Gas Australia & Senior Advisor to Board, Osaka Gas

Expert Insight

The world has a growing population, increasing from 7 billion to 9 billion people by mid-century, with a higher expectation and affordability for their quality of life. Of these 9 billion people, more than half will live in Asia.

Expert Insight

Today we have the luxury of choosing between several direct and indirect viable energy sources. The decisive question we always face is “what is the optimal energy mix”?

Expert Insight

Oil and Gas giants have already crossed the Rubicon into power markets. Each month we track their investments into the future converged energy world.

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