European Gas Conference



 January 2020 |  Austria




What is the European Gas Conference?

Alongside our hosts OMV and the largest delegation of Gazprom attendees, the European Gas Conference is the only event to focus on bridging Eastern and Western Europe’s gas markets.

After an outstanding 2019 edition in a snowy Vienna, we look ahead to EGC 2020 with optimism with gas’ role in the energy transition at the top of the agenda!

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The Energy Council will be bringing investors and energy leaders to Paris this November alongside European Utility Week and Powergen International for the Energy Capital Leaders 

LNG Day 2019 Highlights

European Gas Conference 2019 Highlights

LNG DAY - 28 January

28th January: LNG Day – Will the LNG Glut Ever Arrive?

08:50 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

09:00 Emerging global gas/LNG trends and the growing importance of Europe

09:20 US LNG in a Changing Global Dynamic

09:40 One Year On, Are We In a Sellers’ or Buyers’ Market?

10:30 Speed Networking

Morning Coffee – Sponsored by:

11:20 [Panel] LNG Trading & Contracts: With Increasing Numbers of Spot Trades, How Are Traders Adapting To This New Environment?

12:10 [Panel] Creating New LNG Demand and Infrastructure Optimisation: Small-Scale LNG and FSRUs

12: 50 Networking Lunch

14:10 [Panel] How Will LNG Financing Model Evolve to Cope with More Flexible Contracts?

14:50 [Panel] Paving the Way to FID: Identifying the LNG Runners and Riders in 2019




Afternoon Break – Sponsored by:


16:40 [Roundtables] LNG Forum Roundtables: Addressing the LNG Dilemmas Keeping You up at Night

17:40 Welcome Drinks Reception




EGC DAY 1 - 29 January

29th January: EGC Day 1 – Promoting Dialogue between Europe and its Main Suppliers

08:45 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

08:50 [OMV Keynote] Welcome and Keynote Address

09:00 Ministry Welcome Keynote

09:10 [Russia’s GECF Representative Keynote] Welcome and Keynote Address

09:20 [Gazprom Keynote] Future of Natural Gas on the European Market: The View from Gazprom

09:45 [Regulatory Keynote] Reflecting On the Past and Looking to the Future: Moving on from the Third to the Fourth Energy Package

10:10 Morning Coffee – Sponsored by:


10:40 [Panel] Coming On in 2019: The Pipeline Projects Supporting Supply to Europe

11:25 [Panel] Bringing LNG to EGC Day 1: When Will Europe Become A Prime Target for LNG?

12:10 Coal Exit and European Gas Demand

12: 30 [NEW] Taking the Pulse of the European Gas Market
This NEW fully interactive session will see the audience vote in a series of polls addressing today’s key topics!
Our panel of leading experts will then be on hand for quick-fire comments on the results of your views.

13:15 Lunch

Trading & Pricing

14:30 Natural Gas Market Pricing and Trends

14: 50 [Panel] Comparing Central and South Eastern Hubs

15:30 [Panel] Trader’s Viewpoint: TSOs, Marketing, Trading and Contract Lengths

14:30 Why is gas imported through pipelines more controversial than gas imported on keel as LNG?

14: 50 [Panel] Is There Sufficient Infrastructure in Place to Support the European Commission’s Vision of an Integrated Market?

15:30 [Panel] Assessing Asset Prices and Financing of Pipeline Projects

Afternoon Coffee – Sponsored by


16:40 Panel: Gas exchange market

17: 00 [Panel] How Successful Have Network Codes been for Europe?

16:40 Panel: Trans-Caspian Pipeline Update

17: 00 [Panel] Gas Infrastructure – Expectations / Requirements in particular for CEE and SEE Europe?

19: 30 Drinks Reception

20: 00 Gala Dinner


DAY 2 - 30 January

30th January: EGC Day 2 – Defining the Future Role of Gas in the Energy Transition

08:50 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

09:00 [Panel] With Groningen Supply Running Down Faster than Expected, What Will Happen with Europe Security and the Future Role of Gas?

10:10 The role of Gas in a Lower Carbon Future

10:30 Gas – Part of the Solution

10:50 [Panel] Post-COP24: How Are Leading Gas Stakeholders Adapting to the Growing Trend towards Decarbonisation?

11:35 Morning Coffee – Sponsored by:


12:05 Gaseous Fuels: The key to a well-functioning Future Energy System

12:25 LNG to Power

12:45 Renewable Gases in the Grid

13:05 Hydrogen and CSS

12:05 Gas Transit via Ukraine after 2020

12.45 Turkey

13:25 Lunch

14:30 End of EGC 2019


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2019 Featured Speakers Included

Andrew Seck

Andrew Seck

Vice President, LNG Marketing & Shipping, Anadarko

Manfred Leitner

Manfred Leitner

Executive Board Member for Downstream, OMV

Viktor Zubkov

Viktor Zubkov

Russia’s Special Presidential Representative for Cooperation with the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, Administration of the President of

Alexander Medvedev

Alexander Medvedev

Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom

Elena Burmistrova

Elena Burmistrova

Director General Gazprom Export

Katan Hirachand

Katan Hirachand

Managing Director, Project Finance Société Générale

Wim van ‘t Hof

Wim van ‘t Hof

Head of Gas Market Unit Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

Keith Martin

Keith Martin

CCO Uniper

Massimo Mantovani

Massimo Mantovani

Head of Gas ENI

Paul Corcoran

Paul Corcoran

Chief Financial Officer, Nord Stream 2

Jason Tate

Jason Tate

COO, European Gas and Power, BP

Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker

VP Strategy, Cheniere Marketing

Patrick Dugas

Patrick Dugas

Head of LNG Trading, Total

Michael Losch

Michael Losch

Director General for Energy and Mining, Austrian Federal, Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism

Maria Rita Galli

Maria Rita Galli

Senior Vice President, Snam

Steinar Eikaas

Steinar Eikaas

Vice President Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor

2019 Key Themes

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