NOC Assembly


December 2019

The go-to meeting place for National Oil Companies globally
Enabling commercialisation, internationalization, diversification & resilience




What is the NOC Assembly?

In 2019, the NOC Assembly comes to London. Now in its third year, the Assembly offers a unique platform for senior NOC representatives to meet with potential partners and network with their peers from around the world.

As NOCs continue to transform their operations in response to supply/demand changes, a more competitive landscape and a global focus on the energy transition, the NOC Assembly allows National Oil Companies to explore the capital markets, upgrade their technical knowledge, diversify their portfolios and enable more collaborative relationships with global partners

The NOC Assembly is run under the Chatham House Rule and is not an exhibition. The size of the show, coupled with the freedom of speakers to share, uninhibited by the media, allows for real access to senior NOC leaders and real conversation through interactive panel discussions. Over the 2 days you will benefit from over 9 hours of networking, private dinners, 1-2-1 meetings and access to the 600+ delegates attending World Energy Capital Assembly in London the same week.