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How well can oil refining – the source of hydrocarbon-based fuels that have sustained much of the world’s transport for more than a century – mix with electric vehicles (EVs)?

What is the optimal energy mix?

Today we have the luxury of choosing between several direct and indirect viable energy sources. Renewables and gas are two of these, and of course historically coal has been the dominant force. The decisive question we always face is “what is the optimal energy mix”?

Newswire: Clean Energy Sector

The top headlines from June 2018 from the Latin America Clean Energy sector.

IOC Low-Carbon Tracker

Iain Pitt from Oil & Gas Council and Energy Council reflects on the European Oil Major State of Play in Energy Markets and low carbon scorecard.

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Ross Stewart Campbell, CEO, Guanxi Energy interviews the Executive team of NuEnergy Gas

NuEnergy Gas is an Australian-listed, clean energy company focused on the development of Indonesian gas assets.

Expert Insight

 Steve Hill, Executive Vice President for Gas & Energy Marketing & Trading, Shell

The world has a growing population, increasing from 7 billion to 9 billion people by mid-century, with a higher expectation and affordability for their quality of life. Of these 9 billion people, more than half will live in Asia.

Thought Leader

Tor Langory, Managing Director, BD Global Capital

While BD Globe Capital has been providing investment and smart capital solutions to the energy sector worldwide for years now, we have a particular focus at present on ‘upstream Nigeria’, no doubt having been of great interest to us for the last 7 years.

Newsweek Vantage & Energy Council Technology Survey

The Energy Council have partnered with Newsweek Vantage, the thought leadership arm of the Newsweek Media Group, to conduct a research survey on technological innovation shaping the oil and gas industry.

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Raphael Guerithault, Vice President Technology & Solutions, Schlumberger

The timely emergence of digital technology enablers is creating new opportunities to amplify the impact of traditional domain expertise required to achieve greater operational agility and efficiency. Schlumberger has fully embraced digital enablement to drive its own transformation and recently launched the DELFI cognitive E&P environment.

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